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Tag: development

Living the Dream as a Web Developer!

I have been writing code since the tender age of 9.  I have always enjoyed it!  In fact I was speaking with my wife and family the other day about hobbies and when it came to be I really never had a hobby,  I never collected anything, never built trains, planes, RC cars, etc.  My hobby when it came down to it was writing code and the joy that came from creating a solution to a problem with my coding skills.  Given I have not been writing code professionally for 20 years I guess you can say I’ve living the dream! I work for an awesome company (Microsoft) and build solutions on the side to keep my hobby going!  Always trying to keep up with the next technology or language.

Given this vast experience I get asked quite often how to get started?  Where can I learn? Many of the times these are folks who can’t spend 4 years in college to get a Computer Science degree, and frankly you don’t have to!  In my quest for knowledge I have found several great training tools, and while these options are great, they do indeed cost money.